Junkkari's new W series combi drills have proved to be a groundbreaking addition to the wide drill market. They are based on Junkkari's familiar and precise mechanical feed mechanism, which has been paired with a new double-disc coulter design. In autumn 2020, the W700 was joined by the new W600 model. On a technical level, the newcomer with a 6-metre working width is identical to its older 7-metre sibling.

What makes the W series special is the combination of a 6–7-metre working width with a 3-metre transport width? All of this is based on an ingenious method of mechanical material transfer that has a number of clear advantages over other commonly-used technologies.

The Junkkari W series raises the bar to a new level in reliability, evenness and precision of sowing as well as cost-effectiveness.


The W series' coulters are designed to last on large fields and function in a versatile way on different soil types and with different sowing methods. The double-disc coulters are spaced 15.9 cm apart, and coulter pressure is 20–100 kg. In autumn 2020, the coulter design was updated and the rubber suspension solution was replaced with a patented adjustable leaf spring design. This achieved an even sturdier and more durable coulter attachment and pressure mechanism.

The double-disc coulter creates a perfect seed furrow, and the tongue between the discs ensures that seeds are successfully deposited at the bottom of the furrow. The wheel situated behind the coulter makes sure the depth is correct and closes the furrow. Coulter pressure and sowing depth are adjusted simply by changing the number of lamellae. The hydraulic system that folds the wings allows for +/- 10 cm of travel, letting them conform to the surface of the field.


Power transfer to the feeding mechanism comes from the roller wheels, with the exception of the fertilizer conveyor screws. The drill only requires 20 l/min of hydraulic flow during use, which is needed by the conveyor screws.

The design is simple and reliable. It does not include any complicated hydraulics or electronics.


Even feeding in terms of both width and distance. Every coulter has its own feeding mechanism.

No delay – the mechanism only feeds when the drill's wheels are turning. No overlap or unsowed spots.

Separate drive on each side increases precision while turning.

A new double-disc coulter design deposits seeds and fertilizer at precisely the desired depth on all soil types.


Does not have as many strict requirements for the tractor as its pneumatic competitors.

Does not require a continuously variable transmission, variable displacement hydraulics or the continuous generation of significant hydraulic pressure.

Requires significantly less traction power than its competitors, thanks to its high-quality engineering, large wheels and low-drag coulters.


Large hoppers mean less time spent on filling and logistics.

The low power draw and mechanical feeding mechanism allows for a fast sowing speed without an upper limit.

1. Hopper

The large combi hopper with a total capacity of 6,500 l improves efficiency by minimising the time spent filling. The hopper has a fixed partition wall, resulting in a fertilizer to seed ratio of 60/40. The hopper also includes an ergonomic and safe working platform and an easy-to-use spring-loaded tarpaulin cover. The fertilizer side of the hopper is also equipped with a sieve as standard.

2. Wheels

A set of 7.5x20" tractor-pattern wheels that spans the whole width of the drill is positioned in front of the coulters. The middle section is equipped with bogeys, making the drill more stable when being towed from one location to another. The large wheels also spread the drill's weight excellently on light soil.

 3. Control

The W700's functions are always managed with an ISOBUS controller. An ISOBUS display and wiring harness are also available for tractors that require them.

Technical specification

  W600 W700
Working width 6,0 m 7,0 m
Transport width 3,0 m 3,0 m
Transport height 3,47 m 3,97 m
Filling height 3,2 m 3,2 m
Hopper volume 6500 l 6500 l
Number of coulters 38 pcs 44 pcs
Row spacing 15,8 cm 15,9 cm
Coulter pressure range 20-100 kg 20-100 kg
Type option 7,5 x 20" 7,5 x 20"
Power demand 110+ kW (135+ hp) 110+ kW (150+ hp)