Junkkari's new HJ252 is tractor 3-point linkage mounted and manufactured according to the new safety standards. This chipper represents the most popular category and have various possibilities of use for the landscaping and bioenergy. Maximum diameter of wood is 25 cm and due to feeding angle of 45 degrees the power demand is very low. HJ252 is available as a hand feed G- and GT models as well as a crane feed version GTC.



HJ252 G is a chipper with a hydraulic feeding device. Its two feeding rollers are powered by tractor's hydraulics.

HJ252 GT model is almost identical to it: the only difference is that its feeding device has an independent hydraulic tank and pump. This means that no additional hydraulics is needed. This version is very useful especially if chipper is used with several tractors.

The new infeed chute is now longer and more open. The front part is fixed but the rear part can be easily lifted for transport. The infeed is controlled by the electric buttons on both sides of the chute. No-stress rotation guard is a standard equipment and it makes operators work easy. It automatically stops the infeed if the tractor RPM drops, reverses the wood away from the disc and then continues feeding when the RPM returns to the working level. The yellow bar around the chute guarantees the user safety. It stops the infeed immediately if it is pushed for example by body parts.

HJ252GTC is version for crane feed and it has the own hydraulic system like GT-model. It has also a different, stronger infeed chute and electric control with Wizard C+ control unit. With the control unit and pedal set you can control the infeed rollers and discharge chute from the tractor cabin. The No-Stress control unit is also a standard feature. We can also offer several mounting part sets to combine 3-point linkage mounted crane and chipper together as a one unit. Check the suitable combinations from your dealer. 

 The discs comes with four knifes which you can adjust continuously depending on the desired woodchip size. The blow wings will finalize the woodchips and blow the chips effectively to the desired location through an adjustable discharge chute.


• knife adjustment tool 

• 4-knifes with stepless adjustment

• adjustable discharge chute

• PTO axle

• No-stress rotation guard




• Brush wood knifes

• Extra knife set

• Discharge chute extension, 100cm

• Extension cable, 15m, for crane feed model

Product Specifications

​Feed opening size, cm 26 x 26 ​26 x 26 26 x 26
Blade disc diameter, cm 94 94 94
Blade disc mass, kg 172 172​ 172
Number of blades, pc 4 ​4 4
​Revolutions, r/min ​540-1000 ​540-1000 540-1000
Blade settting, mm​ 3-20 3-20 3-20
Max wood diameter, cm 25​ 25 25
Chipping capacity, m3/h​ ​7-30 7-30 7-30
Power requirement*, kW/hv 30-66/40-90 30-66/40-90 30-66/40-90
Weight, kg 825 853 854
Length in working position, cm 255 255 230
Length in transportation position, cm 210 210 230
​Width in working position, cm ​230 230 230
Width in transportation position, cm 150 150 150
Height in transportation position, cm 320 320 320
Hydr. feeding device / number of rollers yes/2 yes/2 yes/2
Hydr. feeding device with own hydraulics - yes yes
Chute extension optional optional optional
Brush wood blades for the disc optional optional optional
Brush wood blades for the chamber - - -
No-stress yes yes yes
Loader feeding equipment - - yes
Upper chamber tilting cylinder - - -
Hydr. lifting of the upper feed roller - - -