Simulta 2500 NL

The Simulta mounted model is an economical basic machine at its best. For many farms, it is the handiest and most suitable solution. A relatively small sowing area or the shape of the fields often make a mounted model the ideal choice.

The Simulta mounted model is also well-equipped for its size. Its aluminium covers protect the hopper, and the sturdy platform facilitates the filling of hoppers. The Simulta mounted model is available in widths of 2.5 and 3 metres.

The basic accessories include:

  • mixing axle in the seed hopper
  • fertiliser and seed level indicators
  • calibration test supplies
  • mechanical area meter
  • supplies based on the road safety regulations
  • aluminium hopper covers 
  • platform


Plastic/rubber press wheels

  • presses the furrow
  • rubber wheel is suitable particularly for adhesive soil
  • rubber press wheel is wider than the plastic wheel

Following harrow 2500/3000

  • evens and loosens the soil surface after the coulters

Hopper extension 2500

Small seed device 2500/3000

  • volume 85/102 litres
  • mounted behind the machine
  • metal lid

Starter supplies 2500/3000

  • accessory for the small seed device
  • start fertiliser is led through the seed metering devices to the seed row
  • includes installation set

Double springs

  • another draw spring is added in the seed coulter
  • max. pressure 34 kg/coulter (standard pressure 20 kg/coulter)

Sieves for seed tank 2500

  • 2 pcs

Fertiliser mechanical remote control

  • operates with a 3 or 4 metre control cable from the cabin

Aluminium feed roller for the fertiliser side

  • recommended for use with blended, compacted or otherwise wearing fertilisers

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Product Specifications

Working width, cm 250
Row spacing, seed, cm 12.5
Row spacing, fertiliser, cm 25
Hopper volume, litres
- max. seeds (additional sides)
- max. fertiliser (additional sides)
- min. seeds
- min. fertiliser
412 (627)
607 (837)
Filling height, cm 120
Tyres 11.5/80-15.3
Empty weight, kg 686
Total width, cm 338