M-series offers a versatile machine which suits for different needs and conditions. The The product family's jack of all trades is suited for soil where conventional tillage or reduced tillage has been used and for non-tillage cultivation of lighter soils.

M series drills are based on a durable wedge-disc type coulter with a cutting disc profile that maintains a precise sowing depth. Models are available in 3-metre and 4-metre variants. The most commonly sold model, the Combi, deposits seeds and fertilizer in the same row using the same coulter with a row spacing of 12.5 cm. The Ferti model is also available with separate fertilizer disc coulters, with which fertilizer is deposited between every second seed row.

You can equip your M model in a wide variety of ways with equipment that meets your specific needs. Our large selection of features loved by customers can be found in more detail on the Options page. Like the rest of the range, the M series was updated in autumn 2020. In addition to the new appearance, other significant changes include:

  • The land wheel has grown with its redesign, achieving reduced slippage and greater sowing precision. The power transmission from the land wheel to the gear box has also been strengthened.
  • Maintenance of the roller wheels has been made easier with a centralised lubrication system, which comes as standard with 7.5x20" roller wheels.
  • A new and more affordable Steady towing solution is available for drills with Combi coulters and a maximum of one row of front cultivators. For more extensively equipped drills, the Heavy towing solution is the recommended choice.
  • Steps have been added in each corner inside the hopper to make movement easier, and the remaining seed quantity can be easily checked using the handy scale sticker. Hopper cameras are also available as an optional extra.
  • An extension is also available for the hopper's partition wall for organic growers. This allows the partition wall to be placed fully forward to maximise the volume inside the hopper.
  • The ISOBUS controller has been updated and its user-friendliness has been further improved. A handy row marker lifting feature for clearing poles is included as a new feature.
  • The larger Plus hopper has stylish LED lighting as standard.
  • The updated 1-row s-tine cultivator and front-mounted tined weeder are now available as optional extras.


Junkkari M400

With its cutting profile, the M series' sturdy wedge-disc type coulter holds its sowing depth excellently. The coulter's wide pressure range can be adjusted hydraulically from 10 kg to 120 kg from the cab of the tractor. The coulter design is equipped with a ceramic wear part that receives ground impacts, providing several times greater wear resistance than a traditional design. Seeds are deposited at the bottom of the seed furrow, where capillary action raises water up to their level.

The drill is available in both 3-metre and 4-metre variants and is always equipped with the large Plus hopper. The hopper has a light tarpaulin cover that can be rolled open and makes filling the hopper effortless.  Junkkari's products have the largest hoppers on the market, allowing for fewer fills per use.

The combi drill is powered by the land wheel, from which power is transferred via a continuously variable transmission to the feeding mechanism. Feed quantities can be set as desired precisely from small quantities of small seeds to large quantities of large seeds. The feed is reliable in all conditions, even without electricity from the tractor.

Reliability and simplicity are the focus of the feed mechanism's design. The entirety of the feed roller's width is always used, precisely maintaining even small feed quantities at all drive speeds. A separate small feed roller is used when sowing small seeds, allowing for precise feed quantities of just a few kilograms. Calibration is very easy to perform and adjustments can be made with a remote controller for fertilizer and seeds, available as an optional extra.

We offer a wide variety of controllers. The simplest form available is a surface area meter or a G-Wizard or ISOBUS controller. The use of precision farming applications is possible, as adjustments to fertilizer and seed quantities can be done electronically via the controller.

In addition to the options mentioned above, there are a number of other extras available, including various towing solutions, front cultivators, row markers, spraying band switches, hopper level sensors, seed sieves, half lift functionality and small seed and starter extras.


The wedge-disc type coulter in the M series acts as a Combi coulter with which both the fertilizer and seeds are deposited into the ground. The Ferti model, equipped with separate fertilizer coulters, is also available. In this model, fertilizer is deposited by a wear-resistant toothed disc coulter that cuts through plant debris very effectively and is equipped with rubber suspension. The coulters are spaced at 25 cm. Coulter pressure is controlled hydraulically from the tractor with a range of 10 kg to 120 kg.


All models use Plus hoppers: 4,200 l on 3-metre models and 5,700 l on 4-metre models. The hoppers have an adjustable partition wall, for which an extension is available as an optional extra for organic growers.

All hopper models have a simple, easy-to-use cover with a quick release latch. The cover can be opened both ways or up to the partition. Hoppers are equipped with fertilizer sieves as standard and seed sieves are available as an optional extra. All hoppers can be equipped with small seed and starter extras at the factory or retroactively.

A camera system is also available. Seed hoppers are equipped with a new, handy level scale that can be used to see the quantity of seed left in the hopper. Sturdy self-cleaning working platforms, railings and steps have been designed to make access and work tasks safe.


We offer a wide variety of controllers. The simplest form available is an electronic surface area meter that has two surface area calculators with the basic controller. G-Wizard's graphical controller offers access to most of the functions associated with managing and monitoring the combi drill. All the necessary information is displayed in real time and can be seen at a glance on the screen. Depending on the options installed on the drill, features such as monitoring of driving speed and data from two surface area calculators, hopper level sensors, axel rotation sensors and the gearbox, control of row markers, spraying bands and the half lift function as well as remote fertilizer control (G-Wizard Plus) are available.

The updated ISOBUS controller makes it possible to control the combi drill from the tractor's own ISOBUS controller. A separate ISOBUS controller installed in the tractor is also available. The ISOBUS controller enables you to adjust fertilizer and seed quantities while driving and make use of precision farming applications, allowing for adjustments to be made based on location information. Features such as monitoring of driving speed and data from three surface area calculators, hopper level sensors, axel rotation sensors and the gearbox, control of row markers, spraying bands, the half lift function and the row marker lifting feature for clearing poles as well as remote fertilizer and seed control are available.

Roller wheels

The wheels situated behind the coulters act as both the travel and roller wheels of the drill. This removes the need for separate rolling after the crops have been sowed. Drills are always fitted with large-diameter tractor-pattern 7.5x20" wheels. As a new feature, all drills are now equipped with a centralised lubrication system for bearings, and brakes are now available as extras. Large tyre sizes are particularly useful on lighter soil types, as the drill becomes lighter to tow and the risk of bulldozing is reduced. Larger tyre sizes also reduce fuel costs and cause less damage to soil structure, thanks to lower surface pressure.

The wheels also allow for the drill to be towed between locations with a full hopper and provide a strong and open design. Locations that may need maintenance are easy to reach. Thanks to the bogey construction, the wheels follow the shape of the terrain very closely, the rows stay uniform and the drill remains steady while it is being towed from one location to another.

The following harrow comes as standard and harrows between the rows, breaking up the soil packed by the drill's tyres. The harrowed layer of soil prevents the surface from silting and a crust from forming as well as slowing evaporation of moisture from the soil. The half lift function, which is available as an optional extra, ensures the harrow remains in contact with the ground while the tractor and drill turn around on the headland.


The list of optional extras available for the M series is the most diverse in the catalogue. Various towing solutions are available, such as towbars and packers. The cultivator selection includes a tined weeder, 1-row and 2-row levellers, s-tine cultivators and a disc cultivator. Row markers, spraying bands, half lift functionality, hopper level sensors, seed sieves and small seed and starter extras are also available.

Hydraulic row marker

 Disc cultivator

 1-row leveller

 2-row leveller

 2-row s-tine cultivator

 M series Ferti fertilizer coulters

  Small seed box

 Half lift functionality

  Seed-side spraying band switches

  Fertilizer-side spraying band switches

  Fertilizer and/or seed remote control

  Seed sieves

 Improved hopper monitoring



 Precision farming application

Hopper partition wall extension for organic growers

Tined weeder

Camera system


M400 videos

M400 video


M400 spring 2018


M400 spring 2020


Technical specifications

VANTAISTO m300 m400
Soil preparation Light direct seed1, minimum or conventional tillage Light direct seed1, minimum or conventional tillage
Coulter type single disc single disc
Depth control  Wedge shaped coulter Wedge shaped coulter
Coulter durability Excellent Excellent
Coulter pressure range 10-120 kg 10-120 kg
Coulter pressure adjustment Hydraulic central adjustment  Hydraulic central adjustment 
Pressure element Tension spring Tension spring
Seed coulters, pcs 24 32
Row spacing, seed 12,5 cm 12,5 cm
Fertilizer placement Fertilizer coulter/seed coulter Fertilizer coulter/seed coulter
S-tine fertilizer coulter - -
Fertilizer disc coulter Option Option
Fertilizer double disc coulter - -

HOPPER m300 m400
Options Plus Plus
Tilavuus 300 Plus 4 200 l 400 Plus 5 700 l
Partition wall Adjustable  Adjustable
Sieves for fertilizer Standard  Standard 
Sieves for seed Option Option
Tarpaulin cover Manual rollin/spring operated (Plus) Manual rollin/spring operated (Plus)
Metering device, fertilizer Rifle feed, gearbox adjustment Rifle feed, gearbox adjustment
Metering device, seed 2 studded wheels, gearbox adjustment 2 studded wheels, gearbox adjustment
Small seed box Option Option
PAcker wheels m300 m400
Tyre options 7.5 - 20" 7.5 - 20"
Brakes Option for 7.5-20 Option for 7.5-20
draw equipment m300 m400
Hydraulic track marker Option Option
Packer 100 cm/7.5x16" - -
Packer 140 cm/10.0/75-15.3 Option Option
control unit m300 m400
Options No control unit/Area metering/
No control unit/Area metering/
Tramlines for fertilizer Option Option
Tramlines for seed Option Option
Fertilizer remote control Option Option
Seed remote control Option Option
Precision farming solution Option Option
Intensified hopper monitoring Option Option
options m300 m400
Track marker, hydraulic Option Option
Single-row front leveller Option Option
Double-row front leveller Option Option
Double-row s-tine leveller Option Option
Disc cultivator Option- Option
Half lift Option Option
Small seed and start fertilizer device Option Option


dimensions m300 m400
Working width, cm 300 cm 400 cm
Transport width, cm 300 cm 400 cm
Transport height, cm (Eco/Plus) 302 cm 352 cm
Working height, cm (Eco/Plus) 223 cm 228 cm
Lenght, cm 539 cm 798 cm
Weight, cm min 3 200 kg min 3 900 kg
Power demand, kWh 60-115 kW 75-140 kW
1) Not recommended for direct seeding in heavy soils