Combi Drills

Junkkari has a wide range of seed drills and combi drills. Completely new S-, M- and D- series are available in 3.0 and 4.0 meter working widths. The difference between the three series stems from the frame and coulter construction. First our customers can choose the suitable coulter system and then best hopper option for their needs. Additionally, they can choose between different control units and other options to create the right tool for their needs.

The combi drill range is complemented with the traditional Simulta NL and KH models. Three point linkage mounted NL is available in 2.5 and 3.0 meters and light trailed KH model in 2.5 meter working width.

What all models have in common is that in traditional Junkkari fashion the working depth is controlled from the exact place where the seed falls in to the soil, not from the front or from behind.

Junkkari W700

Junkkari S300

Junkkari S400

Junkkari M300

Junkkari M400

Junkkari D300

Junkkari D400

Simulta 2500 NL

Simulta 3000 NL

Simulta 2500 KH

Control Devices