Simulta 2500 KH

The light trailed Simulta 2500 has been developed from the mounted model. It is an excellent solution, for instance, when the farm's large tractor is kept permanently in front of the harrow. Simulta 2500 KH can easily be pulled by a 45 kW (about 60 hp) tractor.

Standard tyres, 400*15.5 with the ELS pattern, carry the drill even on soft terrain. The 320/70R20 tyres with a tractor pattern are available as an optional extra.

Simulta 2500 KH has a hopper extension as standard. This increases the seed hopper volume to 627 litres and the fertiliser hopper volume to 837 litres.

The other basic supplies are:

  • bottom cones in both hoppers
  • mixer axle in the seed hopper
  • fertiliser and seed level indicators
  • calibration test supplies
  • mechanical area meter
  • supplies based on the road safety regulations

Like the mounted models, this light trailed version can be accessorised with multiple supplies.


Plastic/rubber press wheels

  • presses the seed furrow
  • rubber wheel is suitable particularly for adhesive soil
  • rubber press wheel is wider than the plastic wheel


  • 320/70R20 tractor pattern

Following harrow 2500

  • evens and loosens the soil surface after the coulters

Small seed device 2500

  • volume 85 litres
  • mounted behind the machine
  • metal lid

Starter supplies 2500

  • accessory for the small seed device
  • starter fertiliser is led through the seed tank feeding troughs to the seed row
  • includes installation set and equipment

Double springs

  • another draw spring is added in the seed coulter
  • max. pressure 34 kg/coulter (standard pressure 20 kg/coulter)

Sieves for seed tank 2500

  • 2 pcs

Fertiliser mechanical remote control 2500

  • operates with a 4 metre control cable from the cabin

Aluminium feed roller for the fertiliser side

  • recommended for use with blended, compacted or otherwise wearing fertilisers

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Product Specifications

Working width, cm 250
Row spacing, seed, cm 12.5
Row spacing, fertiliser, cm 25
Hopper volume, litres
- max. seeds (additional sides)
- max. fertiliser (additional sides)
- min. seeds
- min. fertiliser
Filling height, cm 139
Tyres 400x15.5 ELS
Empty weight, kg 750
Total width, cm 358