Junkkari J18JL

The Junkkari J18JL is made for big jobs.

The same frame can hold either a grain or an dumper moving platform. Removing and changing the platform is quick. The detached platform can be stored empty on top of a separate support legs.

  • sturdy tubular beam body 300x100x8 mm
  • adjustable suspended drawbar
  • strong, braced, creeping bogie axles
  • 2- or 4-wheel brakes
  • tyre options:
    • 600R50-22.5
    • 650R50-22.5
    • 710R45-22.5
    • 620/60R-26.5*
    • 700/50R-26.5*
    • * only for a trailer with a spring bogie
  • 2 platform options:
    • grain platform with fixed sides
    • dumper

The J18JL grain platform has fixed side plates. The smooth inner surface and facet easies the unloading. The side plate is 150 cm high. The grain platform's volume is 22 m³, and a forage accessory can be added to increase the volume to 38 m³. The grain platform has a hydraulic tail gate and a grain hatch as standard.

The J18JL dumper platform is sturdy: the 8 mm bottom and 5 mm side plates are constructed of durable RAEX400 steel plates. The platform's side plate height is 80 cm and volume 11.2 m3. The rear tail gate is hydraulic.

Standard Equipment

  • light and reflector supplies
  • slow vehicle triangle
  • drawbar includes a carrier for the hydraulics hose and light cord
  • platform maintenance support
  • steps on the outside and inside at the front


  • support legs
  • road traffic supplies
  • forage accessory for the grain platform
  • automatic tarp for the grain platform
  • tarpaulin for the grain platform

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Product Specifications

Carrying capacity, kg ​17 700 17 700 
Platform size, cm ​235x630 ​242.5x576
​Volume, m3
- with the basic side plates
- with the grain side plates
- with the additional side plates
- with the forage sides


​Tipping angle, degrees ​50 50
​Tipping cylinders/tubes, pcs ​2/5 2/5
​Cylinder oil requirement, l ​34,9 34,9
​​Platform level height, cm ​130 ​130
Grain side height, cm
​150 ​80
​Tyre options
*only for a trailer with a spring bogie
​Track width, cm ​189 ​189
​Weight with basic side plates, kg 4400 4400
​​Brakes ​2 or 4 wheels 2 or 4 wheels
Frame dimensions, mm ​300*100*8 ​300*100*8