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Small Seed device

One of the most common options in Junkkari drills is small seed device, also called as small seed box. Word box sometimes gives a wrong impression because this device has same high quality and precise metering system as Junkkari drill itself. Here more information what this option can be used for.

Start fertilizer

Normal fertilizer phosphorus dissolves when temperature is higher than +12 Celsius. The start fertilizer dissolves in lower temperature and is very fastly available for the crop. Especially in cold springs this matters, and growth starts faster.

From small seed box to the same row with coulters. When placed very near the seed, fertilizer is faster available for small roots.

Grass seeding

You can seed grass seed simultaneously from the small seed box when you are seeding cereals. This is usually some perennial grass like timothy, and it grows under the cereals. After cereal harvest, grass will remain and is usable within next year.

This is common system in Scandinavian spring seeding, you get advantage from cereals during the first season when your grass is still growing.

Seeding to the top of the soil. Secures that seeds will not go too deep and press wheels/harrow will cover it well enough.

Small seed like rapeseed etc.

Can be seeded from big seed hopper also. But amount of seeds is easier to handle and monitor when hopper's total capacity is smaller.


Small seed box makes mixtures possible. For example, peas from fertilizer hopper, oats from seed hopper and clover from small seed hopper.

You can seed three sorts at the same and make delicious and versatile fodder for your cows