Junkkari P4169

The P4169 is a genuinely universal crane. Its outreach is 6.9 m, its lifting moment 41 kNm and its slewing torque is 8 kNm. The crane is equipped with a hydraulic boom extension (1.65 m) and a wide-angle joint has plenty of versatile properties, which is why it is our most popular model. The crane has a 3-point attachment, which allows it to be easily mounted on 3-point linkage. For mounting on trailers, we recommend the P9 or P10 trailers. 

  • The hoses are equipped with protective spirals.
  • The slewing machine includes an invertible gear wheel and a sturdy rack.
  • The diameter of the boom joint pins is 40 mm.
  • The gear wheel, the rack and the pins are made of tempered steel.
  • The boom extension is made of special Optim 650 MC steel.

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The internal extension cylinder guarantees a compact and shielded structure for the boom extensions of the 4169 and 4569 cranes.

Product Specifications

Outreach, m 6.9
Lifting moment, gross, kNm 41
​Lifting moment, net, kNm 30
Slewing torque, kNm 8
​Swinging cylinders, pc 2
Slewing angle 360
Grapple, m2 0.2
Rotator FR7
Operating pressure, bar 175
Recommended oil output, l/min 30-80
Extension, pc 1
Lifting power without the grapple 4 m, kg 730
Lifting power without the grapple 6 m, kg​ 480
​Weight kg 850