Junkkari W700


Junkkari's new W700 combi drill is a revolutionary new product in the broad machines market. It relies on Junkkari's well-known and accurate mechanical metering device, augmented by a new set of double-disc coulter units.

What makes the machine special is that it combines a seven-metre working width with a three-metre transport width. This is all based on ingenious mechanical transfer of material, offering several clear advantages compared to other commonly used technologies.

Junkkari's new W700 sets a new bar for operational reliability, evenness and accuracy of sowing, as well as for cost-efficiency.

Why choose the Junkkari W700?


  • The metering device is powered by the roller wheels apart from transfer augers. The only requirement for hydraulic power during operation is the 20 litres per minute required for the fertiliser transfer augers.
  • The simple construction provides reliable operation. No complicated hydraulics or electronics.


  • Even feeding both horizontally and vertically. Each coulter unit has its own metering device.
  • No delays – feeding only takes place when the wheels are running. No duplicate sowing or patches without seeds.
  • Separate drive for both sides increases accuracy in curves.
  • The new double-disc coulter unit places the materials at the desired depth in all soil types.


  • Far fewer requirements for the tractor than with pneumatic competitors.
  • No variable transmission, variable displacement hydraulics or constant production of large hydraulic power required.
  • The need for tractor power is clearly less than competing products thanks to the mechanical implementation, large wheels and coulter units requiring less pulling power.


  • Large hoppers, minimising the time spent on refilling and logistics. 
  • The low power demand and mechanical metering device allow a high sowing speed with no technical constraints.

Transfer of material –
ingenious design in every detail

Reliable, simple transfer of material from the main hopper to wing hoppers. The seed is transferred by gravity and the fertiliser assisted by an auger. The mixing augers and metering devices of the wing hoppers are powered by the wheel set in front of them. The wing hoppers have accurate mechanical metering devices, familiar from Junkkari's SMD models. Two augers in every hopper ensure that there is enough material.

Super-accurate mechanical metering device

The separate mechanical metering device for each coulter unit ensures an extremely even sowing result throughout the entire width of the machine. The metering devices and gearboxes are of Junkkari's own manufacture and already familiar from the SMD models.

The metering device is powered by two sets of roller wheels, one on the right and one on the left. This allows compensating for the speed difference in curves. Feeding is adjusted by steplessly changing the speed with the help of gearboxes. The seed side has two separate stud rollers, the smaller of which can be used for accurately sowing even very small quantities.

Electrical remote controls for both seed and fertiliser are available as accessories. The ISOBUS controller also allows automatic rate control from a GPS-based plan prepared in advance.

Coulter units

The W700's coulter units are designed for durability even on large areas and for reliable operation in a variety of soil types and sowing methods. The double-disc coulters have 15.9 cm row spacing, and the coulter pressure range is 20–100 kg.

The double-disc coulter unit opens a perfect seed furrow, and the guide lip between the discs ensures that the seeds and fertiliser end up at the bottom of the furrow. The press wheel following the coulter unit controls the working depth and closes the furrow. The coulter weight and working depth are adjusted simply by changing the number of lamellas. The accumulator solution for the wings allows a play of ±10 cm so that the machine adapts brilliantly to the surface contours of the field. 

1. Hopper

The large combi hopper with a total volume of 6,500 litres increases efficiency by minimising refilling time. The hopper has a fixed partition wall, dividing the volumes for fertiliser and seed in 60:40 ratio.

The hopper is fitted with a safe, ergonomic working platform and an easy-to-use, spring-operated tarpaulin cover. The fertiliser hopper also has sieves as standard.

2. Wheels

There is a set of tractor-treaded 7.5×20" wheels in front of the coulter units, spanning the whole width of the machine. The mid-section is of bogey construction, allowing stable transfer driving. The large wheels support the machine well, even on soft soil.

3. Control

The functions of W700 are controlled by a separate control unit, which can be equipped either with Junkkari's familiar, easy-to-use G-Wizard controller or with ISOBUS control.



technical specifications W700
Working width
Transport width
Transport high
Filling high
Hopper volum
Number of coulters
Row spacing
Coulter pressure range
Tyre options
Power demand
7,0  m
3,0 m
3,97 m
3,2 m
6 500 l
44 kpl
15,9 cm
20-100 kg
110+ kW (150+h)