Company info

Junkkari Oy is a Finnish supplier of agricultural and forestry machines that designs, markets and manufactures machines for sowing, transportation and forestry.

Junkkari is located in Finland's South Ostrobothnia, in Ylihärmä, near Kauhava, and is part of the MSK Group Oy. Sister companies of Junkkari are MSK Cabins Oy, MSK Plast Oy and Juncar Oy.

The company's roots reach deep into the development of Finland's agriculture. Co-operation with the agricultural machine trade and farmers has spanned for three generations. Listening to the experiences of the customer - the farmer - is still a fundamental principle in the company's business. It solidified its reputation as a good-quality and responsible manufacturer back in the 50's. Its market share growth in every field shows that Junkkari's customer-oriented approach has yielded results from decade to decade.

Junkkari's product design and production management represent the very latest in the field. Junkkari is the first Finnish designer and manufacturer of agricultural machines to receive the ISO 9001 certificate. The company also has the ISO 14001 environmental certificate. Advanced automation, utilising welding robots and laser cutting, among others, add flexibility and speed to the production. However, in the centre of this modern technique is a man with know-how.

The features of Junkkari's products have been developed with the users' needs in mind. The basic versions of our product series fill the needs of smaller farms; the highly automated models respond to the requirements of large farms. The mechanical functions of the comprehensibly equipped versions are controlled from the cabin with electronic or hydraulic controls. Many of Junkkari's innovative solutions improve the convenience of use in a unique way.