The HJ 261 is Junkkari's direct-feed chipper.

The woodchip quality of direct-feed chippers is extremely high, and they are especially suited for stoker boiler use, because the chipper chops wood to the cross fibre. The feed opening is in a 90 degree angle to the blade disk.

The HJ 261 is a multi-speed chipper with two different speeds for the application needed. A faster rotation speed produces mostly woodchips for compost. A lower speed is used for chipping harder wood.

Also, the blowing power grows with speed, which is useful when chipping e.g. sticks.

The HJ 261 chipper is available as G and GT models.

The G model has a feed system that is run by the tractor's hydraulics and requires one pressure side block from the tractor and one return. The output needed by the hydraulics is 20 l/min, and pressure a minimum of 140 bar.

The GT is equipped with a feeding device with its own hydraulics tank and pump. It takes its power from the tractor's output.

The hydraulic feeding device holds tightly to the material to be chipped. The feed roller moves the wood towards the blade disk, which cuts the wood one chip off at a time. The resulting woodchips are pushed via the blade openings to the blow wings and out through the discharge chute.

The feed speed can be changed by adjusting the hydraulic motor's revolutions. The grip of the cogged feed roller is tight and the motion steady. The feed rollers can be stopped, when necessary, and the material can be reversed out.

The No-Stress rotation guard, which is available as an accessory, stops the feed, when the tractor output rotations get too low.

The HJ 261 chipper can be accessorised with loader feeding equipment which include:

  • infeed chute that withstands load feeding
  • No-Stress rotation guard
  • electric controller for tractor cabin with:
    • electronic turning of discharge chute and visor
    • feed roller control
    • No-stress setting

The chipper installs onto the tractor's 3-point linkage. The installing and detaching is quick and easy.

​Specyfikacje techniczne

właściwość HJ261G​ HJ261GT​
​Wielkość otworu do podawania materiału, cm ​26 x 26 ​26 x 26
Średnica tarczy, cm ​98 98
Waga tarczy, kg 240 240​
Liczba ostrzy, szt. ​4 ​4
​Prędkość obrotowa, o/min ​540-1000 ​540-1000
Ustawianie noży, min 3-20 3-20
Maksymalna średnica drewna, cm 26 26
​Wydajność rozdrabiania, m3/h​ ​7-30 ​7-30
Wymagane zasilanie*, kW/hv ​40-90/55-125 40-90/55-125
Waga, kg 870 920​
Długość w pozycji roboczej, cm​ 240 240
Długość w pozycji transportowej, cm ​175 175
Leveys työasento, cm 134 134
Szerokość w pozycji transportowej, cm 134 134
Wysokość w pozycji transportowej, cm 290 290
Hydraulinen syöttölaite/rullien lkm vakio/2 vakio/2
Hydr. syöttölaite omalla hydrauliikalla lisävaruste lisävaruste
Torvenjatke lisävaruste 1 m lisävaruste 1 m
Risuterät laikkaan  lisävaruste lisävaruste
Risuterät kammioon - -
No-stress lisävaruste lisävaruste
Kuormainsyöttövarustus lisävaruste lisävaruste
Yläkammion kippaussylinteri - -
Hydr. ylärullan hallinta - -