Junkkari P12

The sturdiness and the versatile attachment elements of the Junkkari P12 make it suitable for installing even the largest Junkkari cranes on this trailer. Combining the forest trailer P12 with a P45 or P57 series crane will result in a heavy-duty piecework machine for forestry work that requires plenty of productivity.
A hydraulic friction roll drive can also be installed on the model P12 trailer.

The forest trailer's standard equipment includes removable bolsters (4 pcs) and front screen, extension pillars (8 pcs) a ball-bearing drawbar steering joint and a sturdy single beam body (200x200x10 mm). Thanks to its robust single beam structure, the trailer's bolsters and bogie position are easily adaptable. Furthermore, it is highly resistant to torsion and contains no welding seams that are susceptible to stress. In addition, the trailer is equipped with powerful two-cylinder drawbar steering. This is particularly useful on mountainside terrain.

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The sturdy single beam body and bogie structure of the P10 and P12 are resistant to the stress of larger cranes.

Product Specifications

Capacity, kg 12 000
Dead weight, kg 2 300/2 700
Loading space, m² 2.5
Loading space length, mm 4 000
Total length, mm 6 280
Track gauge, mm 1 900
Total width, mm 2 300-2 580
Number of bolsters, pc 4
Swinging cylinders, pc 2
Tractive force (200 bar), kp 1 800
Drawing speed (40-80 l/min), kph 2.5-5
Ground clearance, mm 600-650
Frame beam, mm 200x200x10