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Junkkari increases research activities

Junkkari has for a long time been active in research projects and studies. Now we are taking part for example in Levitoi-project which investigates the challenges caused by climate change.
Partly due to this project we have significantly increased our own research activity. One part is our test field in Kauhava, at the Peltoluhta farm. There we are studying several topics together with our partners during the 2022 season.
Field is divided into several plots and first it was thoroughly analyzed. Barley seeding was done in the end of May with 4 different types of Junkkari drills. We can compare the effects of for example different fertilizer placement, soil preparation and amount of fertilizer. Some plots have got liquid fertilizer and for some we are giving part of the fertilizer in addition during the season. Yield will be harvested carefully with plot combine harvester but we are also gathering information during the season of soil moisture etc.. We will also get precise costs of different methods based on facts like fuel consumption. 
The information will be analyzed carefully after the season, and we will use it in our own R&D but also to help our customer's to achieve even better results. Follow us for more information later.