The Junkkari HP 5 elektro is a smaller version of our acid applicators. It has been designed to fit a 30 litre container and is best suited for:

  • smaller balers
  • small choppers

The pump's capacity is 0-5 l/min.

The pump is controlled with an electronic starting and revolution adjustment device, which is installed in the tractor cabin.

The HP 5 elektro is reliable and easy to use.

The basic package includes:

  • pump unit
  • flow meter
  • 10 m hose, ø 10 mm
  • 2 m hose, ø 19 mm (transfer hose)
  • 2 nozzle pairs for different flow areas
  • electrical conduits
  • check valve
  • supply bag
  • elektro controller to be installed into the cabin
  • quick couplings


Pick-up nozzle set for HP-5 and HP-20

  • nozzle set for feed production machines equipped with a pick-up
  • made from a nozzle bar of 20 mm in diameter and 60 cm in length
  • bar has 2 nozzles

​Bottle stand package

  • bottle stand for a 30-litre acid bottle, to be assembled Bar nozzle
  • for feed production machines equipped with a picker, when heavy flow-through is needed, e.g. with molasses or urea

Flow meter, large

  • attaches to acid applicators with a 16 mm hose connection
  • 0-10 l/min

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