The Junkkari HP 20 elektro is similar to the HP 5 elektro, but it is made for 200-litre containers.

The pump's capacity is 0-5 l/min.

The pump is controlled with an electronic starting and revolution adjustment device, which is installed in the tractor cabin.

The HP 20 elektro is reliable and easy to use.

The basic package includes:

  • pump unit
  • flow meter
  • 10 m hose, ø 10 mm
  • 2 m hose, ø 19 mm (transfer hose)
  • 2 nozzle pairs for different flow areas
  • electrical conduits
  • check valve
  • supply bag
  • elektro controller to be installed into the cabin
  • quick couplings


Pick-up nozzle set for the HP-5 and HP-20

  • nozzle set for feed production machines equipped with a pick-up
  • made from a nozzle bar of 20 mm in diameter and 60 cm in length
  • bar has 2 nozzles

Bar nozzle

  • for feed production machines equipped with a picker, when heavy flow-through is needed, e.g. with molasses or urea 

Flow meter, large

  • attaches to acid applicators with a 16 mm hose connection
  • 0-10 l/min

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