The HP 1000 is a diaphragm acid applicator for high-performance machines with the best and most comprehensive features in the market:

  • high performance
  • easy to use
  • reliable
  • ample accessories

It works with a 12 V voltage from the tractor's electrical plug. The pumping capacity of the basic model is 2-12 l/min and the maximum pressure 3 bars.

The electronic flow meter keeps the flow correct despite variations in voltage or changes in the liquid level.

The applicator is easy to use:

  • select dosage (l/min)
  • the appliance keeps the flow constant
  • controlling the amount of acid is easy with the and + keys
  • the flow meter is easy to calibrate precisely for all preservatives

There are 2 separate trip meters for the acid, each of which can be reset. The trip meters can be used to monitor e.g. the amount of preservative load-specifically as well as the acid use per field, season or status. This is especially useful, for instance, in contract work.

The controller's counter measures the remaining acid and signals when the low limit has been exceeded.

The motor can be controlled with the flow meter (2-12 l/min) or by adjusting the motor power (0-100%).

The motor is controlled by the Wizard HP control unit manufactured by RDS.

The device remembers: 

  • pumped litres 
  • total journey travelled (when using the speed sensor)
  • total hectares travelled (when using the speed sensor)

The HP-1000 is very fault-tolerant - faulty sensors do not interrupt work:

  • All peripheral equipment can be disabled, and the efficiency of the pump can then be adjusted in percentages. The pump, for instance, can then be used without a flow meter.
  • A system of two pumps adds confidence; acidification can be continued with one pump if the other fails.

The basic model can be extended later to accommodate 2 pumps.

The device is also ready for a pick-up switch and a speed sensor.

The HP 1000 pump acidifier package includes:

  • Wizard HP controller
  • pump unit with:
    • connection box 
    • diaphragm pump 
    • quick couplings
  • flow meter
  • 10 m of 16 mm hose 
  • suction pipe for 200 l containers (or alternatively for 30 l containers)
  • nozzles
  • 16 mm branch tubing
  • separate quick coupling for a transfer hose
  • check valve
  • supplies' bag with:
    • attachment screws
    • spare o-rings for quick couplings
    • hose clamps
  • water bottle and stand

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