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No-Stress, what is that?

The No-stress has for a long time been either standard or option in Junkkari chippers. In our new product range for 2020, it is a standard equipment in every Junkkari chipper.
In practice, no-stress is a rotation guard which makes using of the chipper easier. The system stops chipper infeed automatically if tractor RPM and then also the speed of the chipper disc decreases below a preset level. The no-stress system also reverses the wood away from the knives so that the RPM can return faster to the working level. When the RPM has returned the previous level, the infeed starts again, and chipping continues. This doesn't require any actions from the operator who can focus on feeding the chipper.
Using the no-stress and setting the RPM level is very simple. First you raise the RPM to level which is 10-20% below the normal operating speed. Then you set this level to memory by pressing button on the side of the chipper or in the control unit (crane feed versions). Next step is to raise the RPM to operating level and start the chipping.