Junkkari P7

A P31 series loader can be used in combination with the P7 trailer, and it is ideally suited for relatively light forestry. Thanks to its flexibility, it is a good choice for work such as thinning.

In addition to its size, the P7 differs from the larger models because it has a fixed front screen and bolsters as well as a single cylinder ball-bearing drawbar steering. The standard equipment of the trailer includes an attachment device for a Junkkari crane with a 3-point attachment.

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The standard equipment of the trailer also includes single cylinder drawbar steering and fixed drawbar mounting. In this case, older Patruuna 3-point crane models can be mounted on the trailer.

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications P7
Capacity, kg  7500
Dead weight, kg 950
Loading space, m²
Loading space length, mm 3480
Total length, mm 5560
Track gauge, mm 1700 
Total width, mm 2160
Number of bolsters, pc 2
Swinging sylinders, pc 1
Tractive force (200 bar), kp -
Drawing speed (40-80 l/min), kph -
Ground clearance, mm 510
Body beam, mm 150x150x6 
Tyres 11,5/80-15.3