Junkkari P5785

The P5785 is a heavy-duty double extension model. Its outreach is 8.5 m, its lifting moment 57 kNm and its slewing torque is 16 kNm.

The crane, equipped with a hydraulic boom extension (3.4 m) and a wide-angle joint, has enough power and outreach for larger-scale piecework. The crane has a flange attachment. It is attached to a column on a trailer drawbar and is equipped with flap-down support legs.

  • A cast oil bath centre housing.
  • The standard equipment includes a 0.2 m² grapple and an FR 10 rotator (accessory: a 0.25 m² grapple).
  • All hoses are equipped with protective spirals.
  • The slewing device is equipped with four swinging cylinders.
  • In the crane structure, particular attention has been paid to the resistance of the booms; the diameter of the joint pins range between 40 and 70 mm.
  • The boom extension is made of special Optim 650 MC steel.

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The hoses of the far-reaching double extensions are protected inside the slide.

Product Specifications

Outreach, m 8.5
Lifting moment, gross, kNm 57
Lifting moment, net, kNm 39
Slewing torque, kNm 16
Swinging cylinders, pc 4
Slewing angle 380
Grapple, m² 0.2
Rotator FR10
Operating pressure, bar 180
Recommended oil output, l/min 45-80
Extension, pc 2
Lifting power without the grapple 4 m, kg 950
Lifting power without the grapple 6 m, kg​ 600
Weight, kg 1150