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Successful W700 demo day

Junkkari and local dealer Hankkija arranged a demo day for W700 drill on Monday 10th of September. We had opportunity to seed winter wheat on Juha Hella's farm located 20km from our factory. Day was successful and gathered lots of audience.

Junkkari W700 is new wide combi drill with unique design. Instead of common pneumatic design, it has fully mechanical construction transporting seed and fertilizer from the main hopper to the coulters. Metering for each coulter is done with precise and reliable mechanical metering device. This construction gives us several advantages like lower power and other requirements for tractor and very accurate seeding. Technology is all well-known from agricultural implements but it is just used in a new genius way.

W700 sales started with limited series for this spring and customers have been very satisfied. This kind of demo day where you can see the whole process from filling the hopper to the seeding is a good way to show to other potential customers how well this machine works. More demos will be done during this autumn if weather allows.

More info of Junkkari W700