Junkkari J13JL

The J13JL transforms to the various needs on a farm thanks to its detachable platform.

The same frame can hold either a grain or a dumper platform. Removing and changing the platform is quick. The detached platform can be stored empty on top of a separate support legs.

  • same frame for a grain or dumper platform
  • carrying capacity 13 t
  • strong, braced bogie axles
  • tipping angle as much as 55 degrees
  • two tipping cylinders
  • light protectors as standard
  • tyre options
    • 400-15.5/14 (30 km/h)
    • 500/50-17 (40 km/h)
    • 500R50/17 ELS (50 km/h) 

The bottom plate of the grain platform is sturdy and made of 4 mm steel. The basic and grain side plates are made of two parts, and have vertical poles for basic side plates as well as same-length grain side plate poles. The grain hatch is included in the rear side plate as standard.

The bottom of dumper platform is sturdy and made of durable 5 mm RAEX400 steel. The dumper platform has fixed sides and a hydraulic tailgate.

Standard Equipment

  • light and reflector supplies
  • slow vehicle triangle
  • drawbar includes a carrier for the hydraulics hose and light cord
  • platform maintenance support


  • additional side plates (heigh 30 cm)
  • forage equipment + top net
  • bale accessory
  • tarpaulin

For offers and more information, contact our distributors.

Product Specifications

Carrying capacity, kg ​12 700
Platform size, cm ​240x465
​Volume, m3
- with the basic side plates
- with the grain side plates
- with the additional side plates
- with the forage sides

​​Tipping angle, degrees ​55
​Tipping cylinders/tubes, pcs ​2/3
​Cylinder oil requirement, l ​16.4
​​Platform level height, cm ​109
Grain side height, cm
​​Tyre options

500R50/17 ELS
​Track width, cm ​185
​Weight with basic side plates, kg ​2 140
​Brakes ​no breaks or 2 wheels