Junkkari J10

Junkkari J10 is really versatile allrounder. V-shape frame is made of c-profile and it is strong but light. Bogie has a robust construction with diagonal supports and hubs with 80mm axles.  The middle axle of the swing bogie is lower than the wheel axles, which makes crossing obstacles easy.

J10 has been updated with few important new features. Drawbar is 17cm longer than before which makes turning easier with bigger and wider tractors.

J10 W

New J10W model with so called grain platform has also several new features. Platform width has been increased by 8cm. When the sides are mounted, inner width is 240cm which makes transporting of round bales easier.  J10W has lashing rings in bottom of platform as a standard. It is also equipped with led lights. There is a large selection of side plates: on top of 50cm high basic sides you can mount 80cm high grain sides and even on top of that 30cm grain extension. Rear side is equipped with grain hatch. Platform bottom is traditionally very stabile due to strong support profile construction.

J10 D

J10 trailer is available also as a dumper version. Familiar V-shape frame carries now a very strong dumper platform. The bottom plate is made of 6 mm Hardox wear plate and sides 5 mm high strength steel. Volume of the platform is 6 m3 and it is equipped with downwards opening hydraulic tailgate. As an option you can have grain extension (total volume then 13 m3) or gritting tailgate. 

J10 general information

  • carrying capacity 10 tons
  • tyre options
    • 400/60-15.5 BKT Rib900
    • 500/50-17 BKT AW708
    • 500/50-17 BKT F648
  • V-shaped body made from a sturdy C beam
  • strong, braced bogie axles 
  • supplied with 2-wheel brakes or without brakes

Standard equipment

  • light and reflector supplies
  • slow vehicle triangle
  • drawbar includes a carrier for the hydraulics hose and light cord
  • platform maintenance support
  • steps at the front


  • basic, grain or extension sides (J10W)
  • tarpaulin
  • second trailer hitch

For offers and more information, contact our distributors.

Technical Specifications

Carrying capasity, kg 10 000 10 000
Platform size, cm 248x420 242.5x415
Volume, m3​
- with the basic side plates
- with the grain side plates
- with the additional side plates
Tipping angle, degrees 52 52
Tipping cylinders/tubes, pcs 1/3 1/3
Cylinder oil requirement, l 8.3 8.3
Platform level height, cm​ 104 104
Grain side height, cm​ 130 -
* option
Track width, cm ​185 185
​Weight with basic side plates, kg 1 830 2 200
Brakes option option