Drawbar mounting

Used for fitting loaders with a 3-point attachment on the trailer drawbar. Also enables older Patruuna models to be attached.

Column and support legs, 45 series

Used for attaching the 4569 and 4580 loaders with a flange attachment to the trailer drawbar.

Column and support legs, 57-series

Used for attaching the 5771 and 5785 loaders with a flange attachment to the trailer drawbar.

Light kit

An additional bunk is required for the attachment of the kit. Cables for lights are also available as an option.

Body extension

Body beam extension, length: 100 cm.The bolster and
pins are not included.

Pin and front screen support

A support to be used between the front screen and the front pins.

Tool box

 A spacious box for the transportation of tools etc.

Additional bolster and pins

An additional with a bolster with a bolt attachment can be easily moved in a different position on the trailer body.

Extension pin

Extension pins may be used to increase the loading space.

Operator place for the drawbar

A loader control surface for the trailer drawbar.

Four wheel drive with a tractor connection

A friction roll drive where the drive is connected and the direction is changed electronically with a dedicated control.

Four wheel drive with an on/off connection

The on/off connection enables a serial connection of the cart with a loader valve.

Hydraulic brakes

2- or 4-wheel hydraulic brakes are available for all trailer models.

Air brakes

Two circuit 4-wheel air brakes with pressure adjustment are available for all trailer models.

Hydaulic equipment

The pump is attached to the tractor's PTO shaft. Output 75l/min, 540 rpm and container volume 95 l. The output is sufficient for the use of the loader and the drive. An on/off version must be selected for the 4-wheel drive.

Platform plates

An option for the Patruuna 10 trailer. Plates render the trailer more versatile and make items, such as twigs, easier to transport in the trailer.